AIPump — Intelligent Pump Design Software


AIPump is intelligent pump design software that is independently developed by Nanjing Tianfu Software Co., Ltd. By integrating traditional design methods and advanced AI design algorithms, AIPump can quickly and intelligently design centrifugal and mixed flow pumps and automatically generate high-efficiency 3D models of water pump components, such as the impeller and spiral case. AIPump has powerful 3D parametric modeling features. Engineers can quickly and flexibly adjust models based on their design experience. By using the S2 surface method and the intelligent agent model, AIPump can quickly evaluate the water pump performance and automatically optimize models based on the optimization algorithm. AIPump also provides the intelligent parametric reverse feature for impeller models. This feature can be used to obtain parametric models through automatic reverse solutions, for example, obtain point cloud data through impeller scanning, to further optimize performance.


Models optimized by AIPump


  • Intelligent design: By utilizing advanced AI algorithms, AIPump can intelligently and quickly provide high-efficiency design results based on design requirements, such as the flow rate. This reduces the dependency on the design experience of engineers. In addition, AIPump can automatically build adjustable parametric 3D models.

  • Quick evaluation and optimization: AIPump is equipped with the S2 surface evaluation program, which features various loss models and uses machine learning algorithms to mine trial and 3D simulation data to obtain high-precision agent models. AIPump can also quickly and accurately evaluate the performance of the resulting 3D models. In addition, AIPump has advanced optimization algorithms that can automatically adjust and optimize models to obtain design results with better performance.

  • Parametric reverse: AIPump has an intelligent solution algorithm that can automatically and quickly convert scanned point cloud coordinates, impeller section curves, 3D entity models, and other data into internal parametric models. Engineers can use the impeller diameter, blade wrap angle distribution, thickness distribution, and other parameters as the basis to further adjust the models or use the software evaluation and optimization program to automatically optimize the model.



Intelligent design

Quick evaluation and optimization


Parametric reverse